Hopelessness Transformed

Ruth 4:14-15 (The Message)
The town women said to Naomi, “Blessed be God! He didn’t leave you without family to carry on your life. May this baby grow up to be famous in Israel! He’ll make you young again! He’ll take care of you in old age. And this daughter-in-law who has brought him into the world and loves you so much, she’s worth more to you than seven sons!”

Ruth had shown such faith and perseverance. She had stayed with her beloved mother-in-law, even though that decision could have put her own future in jeopardy. She followed Naomi’s advice, and trusted in the God Naomi followed. Because of these risky, faith-driven choices, she has been given a life she would never have imagined: a new husband who cares for her, a community of people who support and respect her, and now… a beautiful baby boy!

A few verses after today’s passage, we read: “The neighborhood women stated calling him ‘Naomi’s baby boy!’ But his real  name was Obed. Obed was the father of Jesse, and Jesse the father of David” (4:17). David was the most revered and beloved King in the history of Israel. And David was the great-x24-grandfather of Jesus! Ruth had been a young, impoverished, grieving widow. Now she is surrounded by community, and will be the great-great-great-(many more greats)-grandma of the Messiah!

When you’re in a place that feels hopeless, when you don’t see how God can possibly turn your situation around for the good: remember this story. And celebrate that our God specializes in transforming the most hopeless moment into an experience of soul-deep peace.

EasterNEWAfter all, that is exactly what God did with the cross. The cross was a symbol of death, fear, hatred, and sorrow. But on Easter Sunday… oh that Sunday!… it was transformed into a symbol of never-ending, never-surrendering joy!

What situation in your life right now is in need of transformation?

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